About Us | Marine LED Lighting

AquaLitz is the marine product line designed & developed by Alpena for boats of all sizes and types.

Taking everything we have learned in automotive over the years we have created a product line specifically for boats & life on the water. Functional, well thought out, and durable lighting accessories were the common goal as each and every product has been tested to adapt and last in boating environments and we’ve introduced lighting for decoration, for safety, to help get the job done, and to first and foremost, help you customize your watercraft.

Alpena has been successfully bringing people a wide range of innovative and leading edge automotive accessories since 1977. We are an industry leader in the automotive market through brands such as Alpena, White Light, BriteLED, AquaLitz, Prostrobe, WrapTech, and Private Eyes Window Film. Our products cover a broad range spanning LED and halogen automotive lighting, style accessories, and tint film as well as professional quality strobe lighting.

Nestled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, our market research and design teams are always striving to find new trends, products, ideas, and styles to bring to market with quality, durability and craftsmanship at a fair price, which we feel is of upmost importance to our customer.

Special Features

Coated To Protect Against Harmful UV Rays
AquaLitz™ LED strips are shielded from UV rays to prevent damage that results in yellowing of the strip and reduced light output from milky, dull lens surfaces.
LED Warranty
Optimized for lumen output and usage life, AquaLitz™ LEDs are in for the long haul and warrantied for 50,000 hours of usage.
White For Simplicity & Thermal Management
Our products are white to blend in with most boats but also for a simple reason that white reflects sunlight, keeping housings cool & operating temperatures lower for durability.
Salt Spray Tested
In order to meet the demands of marine environments & exposure to salt water, AquaLitz™ has tested our coatings using a rigorous salt spray procedure so your lights stay looking their best.
Our products were made to be on the water. Our waterproofing ranges from IP65 splashproof to IP68 Submersible up to 100ft (30m).
CREE™ LEDs Procude Clean, Crisp Light
At AquaLitz™ we utilize the American-made CREE™ LEDs for long-lasting, reliable operation as well as clean, bright output.

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