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General Questions

There is a warning on your packaging stating that “This product contains chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm”. Should I be concerned? (NO NEED TO WORRY)
No need to worry! Some of our retailers require us to put this warning on our packaging even if our products don't contain any of the dangerous chemicals. We are proud to say that ALL of our products are 100% free of these chemicals.
What is PurePower+™ & TrueLumen+™
All Aqualitz™ spot lights are designed for max brightness and longevity. Our extensive testing revealed after several hours of testing our LEDs operate the brightest and last longest at our optimized power design. Don't let big lumens and power numbers fool you, these lights are built to last, shine bright, and live up to our claimed output numbers for the long haul. TrueLumen+™ and PurePower+™ ensure the protection of both LED chips and internal circuitry. The product is not designed for power and output levels above these ratings. Any attempt to achieve the capable figures will result in a non-functional unit and a void warranty. For example, on our QuadFire™: PurePower+™ drives 20W capable LEDs at 16W to optimize output and longevity TrueLumen+™ optimizes output at 1500 lumens using LEDs cabable of 2500 lumens
Is this product completely waterproof?
Most of our products are waterproof to some degree. You can tell just how waterproof the product is by its IP rating. Our product's IP rating should be listed in the product details. In general, here is what you need to know about IP ratings in regards to our products. IP = "In Protection" First Digit = Solids Protection Second Digit = Liquids Protection The higher the number, the more it protects. IP65 = Dust proof and Rain / Splash proof (Can get wet but DO NOT SUBMERGE) IP66 = Dust proof and Rain / Splash proof (Can get wet but DO NOT SUBMERGE) IP67 = Dust proof and Submersible up to 1m (3ft) IP68 = Dust proof and Submersible up to 30m (100ft)    

Installation Questions

What kind of surfaces can I stick my LED strips to?
All AquaLitz™ LED strips come with a 3M™ VHB foam tape backing that will adhere to almost any surface. We recommend that the surface be cleaned of any surface contaminants such as wax, oil, or sealant and be dry before mounting. As a general guideline, we do not recommend sticking the strips to carpet or upholstery.
Can wiring be extended?
Yes. As long as the wiring used to extend power leads from the AquaLitz™ is of adequate gauge for the power draw of the lighted accessory, the wiring connections are sealed from water and moisture, and safe and proper marine wiring practices are used.
Can I join two cut ends of a strip?
Yes. The copper contact points provide a positive and a negative terminal that can be soldered to wire and then connected to another section of strip. Take extra care to seal all connections and additional wiring with a waterproof marine silicone to prevent moisture from getting into the circuit board on the strip. Instructions on how to do this should be included in your purchase package. You can also find a guide on how to do this here.
Can I cut LED strips?
Yes. All AquaLitz™ LED strips are cut to size for custom installation. Simply cut where the scissor icon sits on the strip, usually between the copper contact points. Be sure to seal the raw end of the strip with a waterproof marine silicone to prevent moisture from getting into the circuit board on the strip.
Where can I find installation instructions for my purchase?
We provide installation instructions in or on the packaging of all our products. If you have lost yours, you can find them on our Installations Page. If you are in need of additional instructions, please feel free to contact our customer care line or send us an email. Toll Free: 1-800-387-3217 Call: (905) 451-4611 Email: sales@aqualitz.ca Monday to Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST

Account Questions

What forms of payment can I use?
All orders are process through PayPal with the option of using Mastercard, VISA, and American Express without a PayPal account. This protects both yourself and Aqualitz.ca from any identity theft as non of your credit card information are stored on Aqualitz.ca All credit card information are process through PayPal in which you either enter your credit card information at PayPals site or use your PayPal account.
I am not getting any reply from Your Company
We are usually able to get back you you within 24hrs (during normal business hours). Sometimes, emails goes to SPAM, so also check your SPAM(JUNK) mails. If you haven't received any email response from us at sales@aqualitz.ca within that time, please give us a call and we would be happy to help you during our business hours. Contact Us: Toll Free: 1-800-387-3217 Call: (905) 451-9809 Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM EST

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