Made For Marine


All AquaLitz™ products are waterproof to some extent ranging from our IP65 rated slpash proof interior lights all the way to our IP68 submersible up to 100ft (30m) RuggedLEDz™.
Coated To Protect Against Harmful UV Rays
AquaLitz™ LED strips are shielded from UV rays to prevent damage that results in yellowing of the strip and reduced light output from milky, dull lens surfaces.
White For Simplicity & Thermal Management
AquaLitz™ LED products are white to blend in with most boats but also for a simple reason that white reflects sunlight, keeping housings cool and operating temperatures lower for durability. We also use high quality, die cast aluminum to help disperse heat allowing our LEDs to run cooler, and output more light and last longer.
Salt Spray Tested
In order to meet the demands of marine environments and exposure to salt water, AquaLitz™ has tested our coatings using a rigorous salt spray procedure so your lights stay looking their best.