CabinLED 6 Marine LED Light

CabinLED 6


The Aqualitz™ by Alpena® CabinLED 6™ creates crisp, clean white light for all cabins and boat interiors using minimal electricity and space. A dust and moisture resistant housing that fits in tight spaces ensures the CabinLED 6™ will withstand marine interior environments and is backed with the highest quality 3M™ foam tape that will adhere to almost any surface for an easy installation. Drawing only 0.37 amps, the CabinLED 6™ is ideal for lower power marine systems and will brighten your boats interior spaces.

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– Slim, low profile design for mounting versatility in tight spaces
– High output, high efficiency LEDs rated for 450 lumens only draw 0.37 amps
– Adds accent lighting to kitchens, bedrooms, and other interior areas
– 50,000 hour LED lifetime
– Easy two-wire install compatible with all 12V DC marine systems

Additional information

Weight 0.804687 lbs
Dimensions 12.6378 × 6.338583 × 1.65354 in


Water Restistance

Water Resistant


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