DockLitz-4 LED Light

Dock Litz 4


AquaLitz™ by Alpena® DockLitz 4™ are compact and energy efficient LED spot lights that have a variety of different exterior uses. Mounted using an adjustable angle swivel mount, DockLitz 4™ are great for use as docking lights and deck lights and can add visibility for safety and utility. Featuring 4 bright white LEDs per unit, DockLitz 4™ consumes less energy than incandescent lights. Installs in any 12V DC system.

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– 4 x 6000K high power LEDs per unit
– Great for use as a docking light, extra deck lighting, or general utility purposes
– Durable weatherproof housing
– Adjustable angle mounting bracket
– Easy two-wire install compatible with all 12V DC marine systems

Additional information

Weight 0.769413 lbs
Dimensions 11.0236 × 3.54331 × 3.54331 in


Water Restistance



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