SpotLite Marine LED Lighting



Bright, C.O.B LED technology in the AquaLitz™ by Alpena® SpotLite™ consumes only 1.4 watts and emits 100 lumens. Compact spot lights, these units are great for both interior and exterior use as both accent and utility lighting. Place in foot wells, kitchens, storage compartments and more for extra and ambient lighting. Easy to install, each SpotLite™ is backed by the highest quality 3M™ foam tape to adhere to almost any surface.

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– Efficient and powerful C.O.B LEDs
– High quality 3M™ foam tape backed
– Compact design with spot beam lens
– Easy to install in all 12V DC marine systems
– Water resistant

Additional information

Weight 0.341717 lbs
Dimensions 6.259843 × 4.33071 × 1.37795 in


Water Restistance



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